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For years I have campaigned against puppy farming, dealers and pet shops, in fact any outlet that is involved in the breeding and selling of puppies by third parties. Why you may ask? Because it is a clandestine trade that lacks public awareness and Governments fail miserably to accept that puppy farming resulting in puppy trafficking is detrimental to animal welfare. Through my thoughts on my blog I will highlight some of the daily happenings from my perspective as a campaigner against the puppy trade.

Disclaimer: My name is Patricia from Puppy Alert, the opinions and views expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

Friday, 1 July 2011


Another day has passed and the waiting continues.  Carmarthenshire planning department are still waiting for further information relating to the retrospective/change of use planning application for Beili Bedw.  In the meantime 196 dogs languish in these barns, remember the premises, with just the owner (wife works for the Authority) to look after 1,000 sheep as well as 196 dogs and litters of puppies.
What is the thinking behind Carmarthenshire licensing department  when they have re-issued a dog breeders licence each year for these premises when they know there is only one person responsible for so many dogs?  Common sense appears to be none existent.  Many breeding bitches will be expecting puppies, others rearing a litter and some puppies requiring weaning.  Without the everyday basic tasks of feeding, watering and cleaning of the dogs living and sleeping quarters.  Where can the time be found to check the health condition of every dog, grooming and exercise, there is not any time and for this reason animal welfare has to be seriously compromised.
When all the relevant information is received by the planning department what will their decision be?  Will they take account of the 900 plus objections to this planning, change of use application or will they (because the licensing department have already licensed the premises) be swayed by this irresponsible decision and accept that one person can care for 196 dogs, litters puppies and 1,000 sheep by giving planning permission too?  We all wait in anticipation and fear for the welfare of the breeding bitches and their puppies confined in this large battery dog farm. Carmarthenshire County Council have as yet not shown that animal welfare takes a high priority, can we really expect this to change?  I certainly hope so, these premises are one step to far and if agreed will set a precedent for even more battery dog farms (as if there are not enough with large numbers of dogs already) operating in Wales. I despair of the lack of integrity of those who are responsible for making decisions that allow premises such as this to exist.          

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