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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Rescue Dogs Entering the UK in a poor condition is unacceptable

Rescue dogs entering the UK in a poor condition is not acceptable. 

Serious concern has been raised by three UK dog rescues since June 2017 this year on the poor condition of dogs imported into the UK.  One a border collie was suffering from malnutrition and seriously underweight having spent 3 months at the rescue in the Irish Republic.  The other two a foxhound and greyhound were exported too soon after being spayed. 

Since June 2017 there have been three separate incidents the dogs all from the same rescue AHAR Animal Heaven Animal Rescue, Crag, Castleisland, Kerry in the Republic of Ireland to their final destination in the UK, all resulted in suffering on long journeys of between 20 to 26 hours to reach their final destinations on three separate occasions to rescues in Surrey, Norwich, Norfolk and Gateshead, Newcastle.   

March 2017: Zorro a young border collie found with his mother Nessie, both were in a poor state of health and brought into AHAR the rescue in March 2017.  Nessie sadly was found to be suffering from cancer and was relieved of her suffering.   Zorro’s blood results were clear and it was decided by the manager of AHAR that she would take personal responsibity of Zorro and foster him herself.  Undisclosed funds were raised by loyal supporters for any ongoing veterinary treatment that Zorro required.

June 2017: Valgrays Border Collie and Animal Rescue posted on their Facebook page that they had received a border collie from an Irish Rescue in an appalling state and condition weighing just 12 kg (see photos on arrival at Valgrays).  This was Zorro his fur was matted, he smelt foul ,was covered in fleas and was passing worms,  in addition he had possible urine burns/scalding on all four paws (see photos).
Zorro 3rd June 2017 having arrived at Valgrays from AHAR weighing only 12kg. 

Zorro now 17th July 2017. Well done Valgrays for all your care and feeding.


Three months in the supposing care of AHAR poor Zorro was still only 12kg in weight, it was said by AHAR that he suffered from IBS and therefore could not gain weight.  As you will see by later photos of Zorro this had nothing to do with IBS all Zorro needed was to be fed regularly and cared for whilst at AHAR not neglected and malnourished whilst under the manager’s supervision.

September 8th 2017:  Ginger was one of three Foxhounds that had been sent from AHAR in the ROI to Foxhound Welfare UK.

Ginger a foxhound bitch on arrival at Foxhound Welfare UK had spent 26 hours caged in a transporter from AHAR.  A vet had previously whilst at AHAR carried out a mammary gland removal and spay.  Ginger had external stitches in the wound when placed on the transporter and due to size of cage no buster collar. This possibly allowed Ginger to interfere with her external stitches resulting in an open wound that became infected (see photo).  Foxhound Welfare UK was not in receipt of any pain relief medication from AHAR for Ginger for the journey or after care.

Comments and questions raised on the rescue Facebook page on arrival and inspection of the dogs:

Why were two trail hounds that were tattooed, raced and worked 24 hours prior to being placed in a local pound in ROI?  

One dog (male) had the longest wee possible up the side of the van on arrival indicating that the transporter may not have taken a rest stop for the dogs.

Foxhound Rescue UK was not advised that the dogs were neutered only found this out on inspection at arrival in the UK.  Ears and teeth were not too bad.

The rescue stated that it was the second time in less than a year that they had received a hound from AHAR that needed vet care straight away.  Ginger is in a mess, looks like she has been butchered, has ear and skin infections, feet are red where she has chewed them.  She also requires a dental and has skin mites and fleas.

Ginger had a mammary mass removed but not fully, she had a pressure sore opened up presuming to lance it, however it should have a drain in place, a vet has stitched it back and closed it but it has started to break down.  There is local infection around the other operation sites.  No pain relief sent with Ginger such as metacam or rimadyl for bitch spays.  A bitch spay is a full hysterectomy.  Some vet has passed this work off as fit to travel.

16th September 2017:  Nancy a greyhound who again had recently been spayed at AHAR arrived at Super Sighthound Rescue with stitches in her wound having been on the transporter from AHAR for at least 20 hours.   Nancy was rushed to the vets within an hour of checking the wound Nancy’s belly became swollen and started weeping.  The wound required staples as it had not closed up properly; she was cleaned up given more pain relief and antibiotics and requires a further vet check-up in 10 days’ time.

AHARs responded with the following as written by Super Sighthounds Rescue:  “The Irish Rescue has been supportive and are very sorry for what Nancy is going through”.   “We have been promised no other dog will leave their care with a fresh spay wound”.   AHAR commented they would ‘have a stern word with their vet”.

Puppy Alert comments:

EU Legislation is in place for all rescues and dog breeders when exporting dogs to another country.   

To transport rescue dogs the rescue exporting must comply with EU Legislation 92/65/EEC as they have the classification of ‘economic activity’.

In the case of the ROI it means the premises of the exporting rescue must be Register under Balai through DAFM.  

They must also use a transporter that is registered with Authorisation 2 http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/animaltransport/

The vet carrying out the inspection of the dogs and completing the Passport and ITAHC International Trade Animal Health Certificate must be authorised to do so and works under the guidelines and regulations lay down by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

Therefore with all the EU Legislation in place to ensure dogs are cared for responsibly whilst in rescue and prepared for export, checked by a vet as fit to travel before transport and transported by an authorised transporter.    

What has gone seriously wrong to have allowed not on one occasion but three separate occasions and three separate transports dogs arriving in the UK having suffered and in a very poor condition?   All the suffering these dogs endured whilst at AHAR and during transport were avoidable. Zorro was malnourished and the two hounds were operated on but with lax post operative aftercare.  They should never have been considered by the vet as fit to be transported  made to endure a 20 to 26 hour transport with stitches in after a major operation.
The fault lies with the rescue in the ROI, the Vet who was responsible for the care of the dogs and signing they were fit to travel when they were clearly not.  The transporter who accepted the dogs on the vehicle, one malnourished and two with stitches still in their wounds after being spayed. 

It clearly makes a mockery of the EU Legislation if those who have the responsibility of ensuring compliance and responsible animal welfare practices fail in their responsibilities when preparing, checking and transporting dogs to the UK.   

Please make a complaint to DAFM email: animalwelfare@agriculture.gov.ie 
and livetrade@agriculture.gov.ie





  1. AHAR has been the subject of a number of complaints and a feature was made on the Claire Byrne show on RTE about the 'rescue' which is poorly run and has a lot of accounting irregularities. The owner is irascible and can be verbally abusive when questioned about the poor conditions at the rescue.

  2. Since the Claire Byrne Show there have been letters from both the CRA and the DAFM confirming that there are no welfare issues of concern at trhis rescue after 17 inspections last year. The CRA have also confirnmed as did the Claire Byrne Show that there was no misappropriation of funds and AHAR are 100% CRA compliant. There are also statements on AHAR's main page with regard to all 3 of these dogs. The writer of this blog has a hisatory of trolling and has been warned by the UK police on more than one occasion about malicious communications please refer to: https://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjop4f9i8XWAhUCM8AKHcFeBWAQFggoMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fjosiegivesafig.blogspot.com%2F&usg=AFQjCNFItSvvK1473N3hJ8bnZOAcFwd7kg

  3. In response to Deirdre Kilpatrick what she has written or would like readers to believe is not factually acurate. Regarding the personal comments regarding myself made by Deirdre Kilpatrick. I have no history of trolling what ever that means in this context, I do post on other pages as most people with Internet access do likewise and including the person making this comment and false allegation against me. I have never ever received a warning from any Police Authority in the UK or elsewhere under the Malicious Communications Act or for any other offence.