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For years I have campaigned against puppy farming, dealers and pet shops, in fact any outlet that is involved in the breeding and selling of puppies by third parties. Why you may ask? Because it is a clandestine trade that lacks public awareness and Governments fail miserably to accept that puppy farming resulting in puppy trafficking is detrimental to animal welfare. Through my thoughts on my blog I will highlight some of the daily happenings from my perspective as a campaigner against the puppy trade.

Disclaimer: My name is Patricia from Puppy Alert, the opinions and views expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


When I thought that the method of selling of puppies could not stoop any lower up pops this online pet store. First thoughts were that this must surely be a scam even with further enquiries I still am not certain if it is an active web site or not.  Making the assumption that this virtual company registered in Dublin is actually selling puppies on line through their web site or not, my warning is please do not be persuaded to purchase a puppy from an online web site. 

You should never ever purchase a puppy if you cannot view the puppy interacting with its litter mates and the dam of the puppies.  When buying a puppy online web site or from any pet shop this is not possible and a puppy purchased this way is of unknown quality.

There is no factual information given to a prospective purchaser of where the puppy was bred other than a piece of paper they refer to as a birth certificate.

The puppy will only be vaccinated against parvo virus.

They cannot ascertain the exact age of the puppy that you order on line.

They say order on line before mid-day and the puppy can be delivered to your door the following day anywhere in the UK.  A puppy is a sentient being not a product (such as a CD, DVD or book ordered from Amazon) to be delivered to your door for cash. 

They expect you the customer to pay £95 deposit by credit or debit card then CASH on delivery.  Who would be as foolish as to hand over £500 to £1000 or more to a stranger on the door?  I really cannot imagine anyone would be so naive as to fall for the sales patter but some will.

This company if they are active in this sordid trade of puppy trafficking require a pet shop licence, they also need authorisation under the Animal Welfare Transportation (England) Order 2006 to move puppies from place to place as part of a business.  If this web site is active in selling puppies (and not a scam in terms of pay your deposit and receive no puppy), the warning is still the same do not purchase a puppy from companies where you are unable to see the puppy interacting with its mother.

If you do not purchase puppies from these sites, the web sites active life maybe be very short lived, They need your money to keep operational please do not give it to them.


  1. "Jason Geschwind" is associated with Construction 25, LLC and holds several roles such as President and Chief Executive Officer and is located in Saint Paul, MN

  2. This website and another called Lilly's Puppy Boutique are run by a woman called Lilly Cooper who is being investigated by the RSPCA as 90 pups were discovered being kept in buckets!! in her house....six of the pups were dead when the premises were raided by police......surely, this woman can be put into prison for this?