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For years I have campaigned against puppy farming, dealers and pet shops, in fact any outlet that is involved in the breeding and selling of puppies by third parties. Why you may ask? Because it is a clandestine trade that lacks public awareness and Governments fail miserably to accept that puppy farming resulting in puppy trafficking is detrimental to animal welfare. Through my thoughts on my blog I will highlight some of the daily happenings from my perspective as a campaigner against the puppy trade.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Pet Travel Scheme - Irish Republic to the UK

On the 1st January 2012 Defra eased quarantine regulations for dogs and puppies entering the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme.  Under EU legislation 998/2003, all puppies and dogs (other than dogs entering shows or competitions) entering the UK from the Irish Republic must have an EU Pet Passport.  The new legislation is not only a legal requirement for dog owners wishing to travel between the Irish Republic and the UK and vice versa with their companion animals (up to 5 animals) a time but it is now a legal requirement for all puppies and dogs leaving the Irish Republic that are part of a commercial consignment they must before entering the UK be in possession of a EU pet passport.

Firstly the puppy or dog must be microchipped before vaccinated against rabies.  The vet must read the microchip number and record it on the puppy or dogs vaccination EU Passport which will hold details of the rabies vaccine.  As the rabies vaccine is not normally given until the puppy is 12 weeks of age (some vaccine manufacturers say vets can administer at 8 weeks but then a second vaccine is required at 12 weeks) the puppy or dog must then wait 21 days from the date of the last vaccine before it is able to leave the Irish Republic to enter the UK.

As the EU legislation 998/2003 Pet Travel Scheme is also UK law it now means that all dog breeders, and dealers wishing to export puppies to the UK must comply with this legislation.  Therefore there should not be any puppies for sale in any pet shop or from a pet shop licence holders premises in the UK originating from the Irish Republic for sale that do not have and EU passport, microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.  They should also be at least 15 weeks of age too. If you are aware of any puppies being sold without a pet passport or less than 15 weeks of age from the Irish Republic please contact puppyalert@btinternet.com or Trading Standards.

The new legislation will also effect rescues bringing puppies and dogs into the UK from the Irish Republic, they too must comply with the legislation just the same as as other sectors highlighted above.

This is good news for those of us that campaign against puppies arriving in the UK from puppy farms in the Irish Republic as the legislation may curb the flow of young, indiscriminately bred puppies reaching pet shops.  The hassle for some breeders of compliance maybe too much and not cost effective and for pet shops in the UK needing to wait until the puppy is 15 weeks of age before it can enter the UK may make it a less attractive option.

I do not think the legislation has reached the ears of  pet shop licence holders or rescues that bring puppies and dogs into the UK, as none appear to be adhering to the new regulations.  However, ignorance is no excuse and those involved with bringing puppies and dogs into the UK from the Irish Republic without an EU passport will be reported to the authorities in anticipation that the legislation will be enforced.      

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  1. Hilarious! I can't imagine my puppy being implanted with a microchip! But of course, the idea is very noble. I can't fathom why people would puppy-farm. Obviously, for profit! Poor little rascals! But travelllng to England with this new legislation is a welcome relief for those wanting to bring their pets and this should be well publicized. And news should alwyas be up on online travel agencies like Travel Republic