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For years I have campaigned against puppy farming, dealers and pet shops, in fact any outlet that is involved in the breeding and selling of puppies by third parties. Why you may ask? Because it is a clandestine trade that lacks public awareness and Governments fail miserably to accept that puppy farming resulting in puppy trafficking is detrimental to animal welfare. Through my thoughts on my blog I will highlight some of the daily happenings from my perspective as a campaigner against the puppy trade.

Disclaimer: My name is Patricia from Puppy Alert, the opinions and views expressed on this blog are entirely my own.

Friday, 30 December 2011

All Party Government Animal Welfare - Meeting

Reading the minutes of the meeting was informative and enlightening concerning dog breeding.

However one comment by James Yates (RSPCA) made me want to scream and it went something like this:

The RSPCA have done a lot on puppy farming and has been the main force in tackling this as well as other issues of cruelty that Marc mentions.  But if we do not receive a complaint about an issue we are not authorized to investigate it, so Marc please let us know if you have specific cases as we are then able to investigate it. WOW!!!       

When have the RSPCA 'done a lot on puppy farming'?  They are not in a position to enter a licensed dog breeders premises, even if a concern of animal welfare is raised by the general public.  The RSPCA passes all complaints on to the Council to attend and will only attend themselves if invited to do so by the Council. They call it the joined up approach to working - a working partnership.  Which in effect achieves nothing.

But I will remember James Yates words and quote them next time I have reason to contact the RSPCA, maybe rather than ignore emails sent someone may respond.  Please take note Mr Hubbord (RSPCA) I am still waiting for a reply to my last emails.


  1. Nothing new with the RSPCA, is it? They continue to hope that the public will remain largely unaware that they have NO more powers in law than you or I and that for all their uniforms and titles of "inspector" etc the only asset they have and we lack is £119 million in the bank.

    But then again, if we had that sort of cash I think we'd be spending it on SAVING lives, not on slaughterhouse style captive bolt guns with which to murder German Shepherds in their own garden.

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