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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Beili Bedw - Planning site meeting

When Carmarthenshire County Council held their planning meeting to discuss the retrospective planning application from change of use agriculture to dog breeding, it was requested by one of the Councillors for a site meeting. This will take place in private at 10.30am at Beili Bedw Farm, on the 30th August 2011 followed by a meeting at 11.30am by the planning committee when a decision will be made to approve or disapprove the planning application.

It would be good if common sense was used in coming to a decision but I fear that will not be the case as little if any consideration will be given to the animal welfare aspect  of running such a large dog breeding establishment of 196 dogs without ensuring the premises are adequately staff.  At the present time there is just the owner, a wife working, with one and half employees to look after 196 dogs and a sheep farm.   It is an impossible task to carry out all the tasks efficiently that are required in caring for so many dogs, whelping bitches and puppies as well as look after such a large number of sheep  and more in the future according to the application. 

A business venture which this is, has to prove that it is sustainable in planning legislation and 'emerging policy is a relevant consideration'  if that is the case then surely the proposed legislation for dog breeding for Wales must be a consideration when making a planning decision on a dog breeding establishment. If the legislation is passed in the autumn requiring all dog breeding premises to employ staff then these premises must be prepared to employ at a minimum of 10 members of staff (20 dogs one employee) and more if there are whelping bitches and puppies. This is a question that must be asked by the Councillors on the planning committee, agreed and complied with by the applicant prior to planning permission being considered.

But one has to ask why has it taken until now for the question to even be raised?  The premises should not have been granted a licence in the first place for so many dogs and no staff.  I cannot understand why Carmarthenshire County Council are so lacking in common sense when issuing dog breeding licenses. They must  know how much attention dogs need daily and at night too with whelping bitches and puppies but it is obvious it was never a consideration to the licensing department in the past and unlikely to be a consideration in the future even if planning is agreed on the 30th August 2011.

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